Home Learning

The aims of home learning;
  • To improve children’s skills across the curriculum.
  • To involve Parents / Carers in their child’s learning.
  • For children to have fun.
Why do we promote home learning?

We have developed a new approach to homework which we have designed to be family friendly, engaging, easy to manage but with purpose, as it focuses on life skills and developing a love of learning. Each term we will set a list of fifteen tasks from which they will need to choose and complete at least ten over the term. These tasks will be sent out at the beginning of term, along with a topic web that will give parents an overview of what is being taught in that term. The tasks can be done completely independently or with support. If you have other children in school, you could choose a project to do as a family! It is intended that there will be a range of ways of doing and recording homework, from drawings, to videos, to photos, to models, to writing. With a lot of the tasks there are no right or wrong answers but your child will know the effort we expect them to put in. The more effort they put into each task, the more they will gain.

We expect this Home Learning tasks to be brought into school often so we can see how our children are getting on.

The teachers will also expect weekly number bond or multiplication tables, phonics or spelling and daily reading to be completed.

Please ask us for help or advice at any time. But most of all just enjoy your tasks!

We will not set home learning tasks during the Christmas holiday, as we feel that this is a special family time.