Home Olympics

Are you ready for the Home Olympics?

In an Olympic year, as part of our learning, we would normally look at the science of the Olympics. We would investigate which events raise the heartbeat the most, if arm and leg length affects performance, the best way to throw things etc. – and lots of measuring of course.

Home Olympics is a great way to think about these things and use them to level the playing field. Mum or Dad would probably win most events like the hurdles, high jump, javelin etc because they are bigger and stronger so think of events that everyone can compete in.

Here are a few suggestions but I am sure you can think of better ones for your family.

I’m sure you can think of many more. Don’t forget the national anthems… the winner of each event picks a song from a bowl (include the Wombling song if you learnt it) and the others have to serenade you while you stand to attention on the podium.