Leven Lites

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Leven Lites are an Amateur Drama Society in the village of Leven, which is situated 5 miles east of Beverley, East Yorkshire. Out of little acorns, giant oak trees grow - well that's how Leven Lites started one evening round a table in West Street - (after a few glasses of wine).

That was way back in 2006 and 13 productions later we are still growing strong!

With Pantomimes, Comedy and Drama our main aim is just to have a little bit of fun by entertaining others. We do take it all seriously mind you and cold winter evenings in the local Recreational Hall are testament to that. Some of our members have very little experience at all. Some are talented in many ways. Some are talented in no way whatsover ........ but there is always something for everyone.

In conclusion, Leven Lites are here, and hopefully to stay. Our members total 20/30 + - inclusive of senior cast members, junior cast members and 'helpers', often the most important ones who provide support to the budding actors/actresses with costumes, props, backstage, front of house (and encouragement).

We've now done a number of Pantomimes and One Act Plays in the last 7 years:

2014 - Sleeping Beauty
2014 - Bangers & Laff
2013 - Cinderella
2012/13 - The 12 Days of (Leven) Christmas
2012 - Sun, Sand & Sea
2012 - Slick Dick Whittington
2011 - Eee Bah Gum
2010 - Down The Pub
2010 - Strictly Snow White
2009 - Robin of Leven
2009 - Three-For-One
2008 - Aladdin-The-Moon
2007 - Cinderella