Out of School Club and Visiting Staff

Out of School Clubs
  • Mrs H Berry

    After School Club

  • Mrs D Turton

    Breakfast Club

  • Mrs J Walton

    Breakfast Club

Visiting Staff
  • Mrs Alison Smith

    Diocesan School Improvement Partner

  • Mr Brian Stillings

    School Improvement Partner

  • Mr M Brown

    Special Educational Needs Consultant

  • Mrs Sam Lawson

    Ecucational Needs consultant,

  • Mrs Beverly Arnott

    Educational psychological

  • Mrs Helen Hatton

    Behaviour Support Teacher

  • Music Box

    Peripatetic Music Tuition

  • Mrs Sarah Fox

    School Nurse

We also have regular contact with Social Workers from both Hull and the East Riding, Educational Psychologists, Speech Therapists, The School Nurse, Behaviour Support Teachers, Dental Educators (Bus Brush) and Local Authority Advisors.