Public Transport

Leven sits on the primary bus route from Hornsea to Hull and the secondary bus route from Hornsea to Beverley.

During the day Leven has a bus to Hornsea, Beverley and Hull every hour. Later the service is a little less frequent but many people would be surprised just how many are still running.

If you want to know just what is running and when, try the following web site pages

If anyone wants a full timetable book, they are available from the Library at the Recreation Hall or just e-mail me on and I will either drop one off or post it.

Thirdly, there is Buscall on the six two's number. EYMS and Stagecoach operate this, and they will give information on public transport times for Hull and the East Riding. Calls usually take no more than a minute and will only cost pennies.

All stops in Leven have now been upgraded to accept super low floor buses, and new up to date timetable information should be available at the stops. Further to that, a new village-level website is just being tested - from that you can pick out a village in the East Riding and it will display every bus stop in the village, where it has come from and it's destination


Leven is now served by the new H.A.R.T. MEDiBUS. It will take you to any Hospital, Doctor, Dentist or Specialist clinic in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The H.A.R.T. MEDiBUS has full disabled and wheelchair access.

Please book in advance as the service is on a first come first served basis and does become fully booked quickly.

Ring the MEDiBUS helpline on 08456 44 59 59 or email to book a seat.

The fares are roughly the same or less than bus fares, but the bus will pick you up from home and deliver you back to your door.