Remember you're a Womble!


Remember you're a Womble!

Music is not everyone's favourite subject, but in times like these who doesn’t love a good sing along with the family.

As everyone knows, Zoom quizzes seem to have become a very popular pastime in lockdown, especially music ones! 

During one of these quizzes Miss Hutchinson was reintroduced to the Wombles. She absolutely loved them when she was a child and had the board game, the LPs and even the Orinoco puppet. So she has set you a family challenge based on their most popular song.


Family Challenge - it would be great for families to change the lyrics and bring the song right into modern times with an alternative version.

'Remember you’re in lockdown!'

Below is a  link to the song.  Please share and enjoy.  We genuinely think it will be hard for you not to sing along.