School Day

Children should not arrive before 8.45am as supervision cannot be guaranteed.

08.55am - Registration
09.00am - Lessons
10.15am - Break

10.30am - Lessons

12.00pm - Lunch
13.10pm - Lessons
14.15pm - Break (the time of the afternoon break can vary)
14.30pm - Lessons

15:00 - Worship
15.30pm - End of School

After school clubs run from 15.40 to 16.30.

Foundation Stage and Year 1 don't have a formalised morning and afternoon break, as they have access to ongoing outside provision throughout the day.

On each school day 4hours 40 minutes are spent on teaching.
Information for parents about children entering and leaving the school site
1. Entering school in the morning, including breakfast club.

Children should not be dropped off at school before 8:45am as there will not be a member of staff on duty until 8:45am.
Children who go to Breakfast club are allowed to go to their classroom when the bell goes for the start of the school day.
2. Leaving school at the end of the school day, including after school club and school clubs.

Children in Foundation Stage, Years 1,2 and 3 will be allowed out at the end of the day when a parent / carer is seen.
Children in Years 4,5 and 6 will be allowed out at the end of the day, but will be expected to come back in to the classroom if there is no parent or carer there to meet them.
Children at the school’s after school club will be collected by a named person from the main hall.
Children attending extra-curricular clubs will have their name checked on a register by the adult leading the club. If the child is absent the adult must check with the office to see where the child is. At the end of the club the child will either be picked up by a parent / carer at the front entrance of the school or if they are in year 6 and have written permission from a parent / carer they may walk home unaccompanied.

3. Parents / Carers picking up other people’s children.

No parent / carer must pick up or offer to take home other children without the parent and the school knowing about it in advance. It is expected that if a parent finds a lone child in the playground that they will bring them into school and hand them to a teacher.