Support the Trust
Each year the value of the Trust decreases in real terms because some of the income is used to make the grants. Without further income there will come a time when the value of the grants that the Trust is able to award will have fallen to a point where they become valueless.

To avoid this situation ever arising the Trust needs an income of at least £2,000 to stand still and £4,000 to be able to grow. In this age of tuition fees and student loans you can support the work of the Wray Trust. You may do so, and ensure that the legacy of Canon George Wray’s sister lives on, by any of the following means:
You can make a donation, either by cash or cheque, at the village Post Office.

You can contact the Trust either by letter via the village Post Office, or by following this link, and we will discuss your proposition. Examples of sponsorship may be to pay for the dictionaries given to the Year 6 pupils each summer; cover the cost of the donation to the Sunday School.

Should you feel moved to make a bequest to the Trust, please either write to us via the village Post Office or follow this link. We can discuss how your bequest may be recognised and the arrangements with you. Should you wish to remain anonymous we will, of course, respect your wishes.