Wray Educational Trust - For the Young Residents of Leven

Brief History

The Wray Foundation was created in 1867 by the sister of the Rector of Leven, Canon George Wray.

She bought a field in the village called “The Vineyards” (this field was where the current day street ‘The Vineyards’ is), which was let out, and the rent raised was used for the upkeep of the school house. Anything remaining was used to buy coal for the school.

The school and school house were eventually taken over from the Church of England by the County Council in the late 1950s and became today’s Leven Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School.

In the early 1970's the field was sold for £22,000 for building. The York Diocesan Fund tried to claim the proceeds, but Philip Theasby who was Head-teacher at Leven at the time, traced the original deeds of the Trust, contacted the Charity Commissions, and they decided that Miss Wray could have only meant the field to benefit the village of Leven.

Six years later, in 1977, the modern trust was set up. It was to benefit persons under 25 years of age who have been resident in the area of the Ancient Parish of Leven for at least three years. (more)

Contact the Wray Trust

You may contact us by any of the following methods:

email: judydickinson@mac.com
mail: The Wray Trust, 85 East Street, Leven, East Yorkshire, HU17 5NG